Black rat hi lift jack

Constant improvement for over 90 years has made this jack an off-roading staple. We are proud to offer the all-high tensile 48" cast jack. This jack puts you in command of lifting, pushing, pulling and winching, and has a capacity of up to 3.5 tons! It weighs approximately 30 lbs. and is easy to use. Too many uses to list.

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Product Description. Hi-Lift Cast and Steel Jacks have four stamped high-strength steel parts in combination with the cast parts. The top winch connector clamp is supplied standard with all Hi Lift jacks and each jack is fitted with a safety shear bolt which prevents the jack from being used on...

Beaver Sales Pty Ltd—Black Rat Power Lifter. PRA No. 2007/9190. Date published. 11 Apr 2007. Product description. Product is a high lift vehicle jack. The jack was ... Hi-Lift jack 101, why won't it ratchet down? | IH8MUD Forum Hi-Lift jack 101, why won't it ratchet down? ... I have the real HI-LIFT model, 48 in I think, and it hasn't been abused or dropped in a river bed or anything ... Best High Lift Jack - Best Floor Jacks High lift jacks can be used for a variety of tasks, the most obvious is as an automotive jack, to jack vehicles up, in particular 4wds and some trucks. A Hi-lift Jack is perfect for 4wd enthusiasts who love to get off the beaten track and handle with ease all manner of random and demanding situations. high lift jacks - Page 2 - Australian 4WD Action | Forum

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HI jack с крюками в колесо? Started by KIAlex, December 1, 2006.Если у вас на внедорожнике пластиковые бампера и есть возможность купить домкрат Hi-Lift Jack, но нет желания покупать Lift-Mate LM-100 за сумму сопоставимую со стоимостью самого хай джека.Polonus T. Rat. ARB 4×4 Accessories | Jack - ARB 4x4 Accessories

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Домкраты Hi-Lift Black Речные домкраты Hi-Lift Jack серии Black также могут использоваться в качестве ручной лебедки, толкателя, зажима или пресса.В каталоге нашего интернет-магазина представлен широкий выбор реечных домкратов Hi-Lift Black (Хай Лифт Блек) с различными... Hi, Jack! < OFF-ROAD MONSTERS Hi, Jack! Алексей ЩЕРБАКОВ. Реечный домкрат "хай-лифт" или, для близких с ним знакомых, " хай, Джек!" - отнюдь не новинка. Его придумал в 1895 году американец Филипп Джон Харра, что учительствовал в штате Индиана и частенько испытывал материальные затруднения.

X-Treme Jack Features The Hi-Lift X-TREME is for the serious Hi-Lift user, offering the "top of the line" all-cast version (48" or 60" sizes) with special features that include, charcoal metallic powder-coat finish, gold zinc-coated hardware and handle, and a special top winch-clamp-spreader attachment.

Hi-Lift Jack может не только приподнять автомобиль, но умеет и толкать, тянуть, подпереть и переместить тяжёлый гружёный автомобильКонструкция домкрата хай джек. Настоящий внедорожник отличается от пижонского кроссовера как раз тем, что у него на запаске или на... HI-LIFT Jack Black HL604

brooksy wrote:I have the original "Hi-Lift" jack.I have had mine for 19 yrs & it has never been in a bag or looked after. It has always been located either on the roof rack, on the back with the spare or in the tray when I had a Hilux ute. Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48" Hi-Lift Black Cast and ... The Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48 inch cast and steel jack is constructed with a mix of cast components and four high-strength stamped steel components. Performance characteristics and weight capacity remain the same as the all-cast Hi-Lift jacks but at a lower price. Best High Lift Jack - Best Floor Jacks